move with me

Get your body moving and heart opening


Option 1: your journey

Journey is for you if you’ve got your trip booked, you’re dreaming of a destination or want to get out on a local hike. We know what it’s like to want to be confident you can walk the Camino, traverse everyday hills, make the most of your path, and feel good getting there.

the 1:1 journey for you to step up your wellness:

+ Gain confident strength, mobility, and balance via a custom series of individual Yoga Therapy sessions designed to for you to develop, refine and see progress.

+ Build advanced body sensing and resilience with new breath skills, meditation and active rest via guided body-mind practices and audio support.

+ Motivate with a “personal moves training plan” for your schedule, terrain, mileage and combos (e.g., run/walk, swim/walk, dance/walk, yoga/walk, meditate/walk…).

+ Bonus: Access to Gather Walking + Movement Group for SF Bay Area strolls, walks, and hikes.


OPTION 2: gather with group events

Gather is for you if a group gives you get-up and go. We care about connecting, and how movement, walking, and body-mind practices enliven our goals. Bring a friend; meet a friend.

the gather walking + movement group:

+ Walk together in SF Bay Area locales, with adventure and wellness right here in our neighborhoods and parks!

+ Move, Breathe & Relax™ in small group classes and workshops with somatic yoga and therapeutic, developmental movement.

+ All walking + movement groups are small for individual focus (2-4 people per Gather Group; 4-8 people per Move, Breathe & Relax class) and designed for your capabilities and interests.

You may have picked up a knee brace, shortened or slowed your regular walks, or put off making a deposit on your big trip. Together, we’ll clear the obstacles in your way to go boldly forward.

if you’re ready to go with it, Contact me for info about what’s next:

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