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How do we begin?

For Journey, we map your personal goals and intentions not only for better moves but also for the way you see yourself in life, and any tangible or metaphorical journeys you’re on or about to begin.

We see how you move, sit, stand, walk.

Then we create a plan just for you— with your journeys and milestones in mind. This is a guide that includes the ways you love to move and want to be active. Our design adds better breathing, mindfulness, and doable daily activities to support your vigor and resilience.

You’ll have access to my therapeutic yoga classes and walking groups, with an option to take regular 1:1 walks with me, too!

For Gather, visit the list of events and contact me about membership for the most current walking + movement gatherings!

How is this different from what I’m doing now?

You’ll have a body-mind coach (me!) working and walking with you.

Any way you like to move now— walk or dance or yoga or swim or cycle, whatever you’re doing (or want to be doing)— we build Journey from there. We prepare your body-mind for better moves (and define the meaning of better, for you…  maybe it’s more aligned, powerful or playful….) I support your intention-setting and tracking progress toward wellness and wellbeing. Body awareness, strength, endurance and mobility matter. So does joy!

Gather is how we meet together for conscious movement: Guided warm-ups and cool-downs bracket the curated walks. Therapeutic movement classes focus on body-mind foundations for walking.

Both Journey & Gather draw from mindfulness, yoga therapy, somatics, creative expression, and wellness coaching.

Where do we walk?

When we create your custom Journey plan, we choose distance and terrain based on your intentions, starting with your home base and local walks. Yoga Therapy sessions may be at your home or my studio/office.

The Gather group steps it up into San Francisco and Bay Area locations, neighborhoods and parks. During the month, we cover a variety of (mostly) paved and accessible terrain— walking on the level/flat, rolling grades + hills, and occasional urban stairs. Most walks are about an hour (1 to 3 miles + warm-up/cool-down), with two longer (3 to 5 miles) ventures per month. Examples of walks + movement spots:

What if I
have mobility limitations?

I want to hear what you see for yourself and your movement goals, and we will create an adaptive, personalized plan for how you move!

Can I bring my dog?

Thanks for understanding that on Gather group walks, our focus is on the humans and you will not be able to bring your dog. Not all walking venues are dog-friendly, and some of our people may be afraid or allergic. For individual Journey, we can talk about options, and how walking with or without your dog supports your goals.

What is Yoga Therapy?

I’m a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and also registered as an experienced yoga teacher at the highest level (e500-RYT) with Yoga Alliance.

"Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga." (International Association of Yoga Therapy, Educational Standards for the training of Yoga Therapists)

The Walk Method comes from my experience in decades of training and practice of yoga and meditation, working with hundreds of people who seek to move better. feel better, and to balance activity and rest.

  • Endurance & balance

  • Stronger bones, muscles

  • Heart health

  • Better digestion

  • Relieves chronic back pain

  • Joint mobility

  • Fitness & weight regulation

  • Better sleep

  • Mood benefits

  • Creative flow & inspiration

  • Reconnect in nature (including the urban outdoors!)

  • Gateway to positive habit changes

Why walking?

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