Meet rachel

Standing on SF’s Ocean Beach…

Rachel Lanzerotti (MSW, C-IAYT) is the Founder of Five Rivers Yoga Therapy and creator of The Walk Method and The RE/ST Method for Pain Recovery. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, counselor, health educator and specialist in pain relief as well as elderhood/life transitions.

As a dedicated practitioner of over 20 years, Rachel blends therapeutic movement, posture, breathing, meditation, coaching, and Ayurveda to release tension, improve strength and balance, and increase vitality.

Rachel has taught at UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and she launched the Aging Well program of San Francisco Village. Rachel teaches and writes on topics ranging from yoga, health, aging, and sexuality to gender, racial justice, and human rights.

She holds a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University and Master of Social Work (MSW) from San Francisco State University. For a decade prior to founding Five Rivers Yoga Therapy, Rachel ran an organizational consulting practice with community-based groups. She spent many years focused on direct action work for nonprofit and social change organizations. 

It all started when…

I decided to create The Walk Method because many of my yoga therapy clients and students ask me to help them with better walking and movement goals. 

The Walk Method— individual movement coaching and/or group walks and events— complements The RE/ST Method™, which I made to help people with pain and tension wake up refreshed and move through their days capable and energized. 

Rest and motion go together, and walking is one of our earliest forms of mobilization. Yet we may not attend or attune to how, where, and why we walk.

A friend said to me, “when things get crazy, I walk.” For myself, I love how the rhythm and pace of walking allow the mind to spool out and refresh, and we can find a new way forward.

For two decades now, I’ve dedicated myself to body-mind practices of yoga and somatics, meditation and daily mindfulness. My vocation is yoga therapy, and as a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), I apply the teachings and practices of yoga to empower people to progress toward improved health and wellbeing.

Movement, including walks, is an essential practice of health and wellbeing for me. I walk now, and have walked over time, for a balanced mind and body. Not only via formal walking meditation, which I practice on long vipassana (insight meditation) retreats and teach (via MBSR, or mindfulness-based stress reduction, and in meditation groups). Also on ordinary daily walks, which only ever shift stagnation and lift my spirits.

I go into urban parks, walk along sidewalks, and visit larger natural areas in or near the City, as this is where we live and my priorities often are frequency and accessibility. (I don’t track steps or even pay much attention to mileage.) Even on pavement, we can find ourselves in the world. When we go outside the world finds us too. It becomes not solely exercise or a wellness activity for the body but also devotional and reconnecting for the mind and heart.

When I offer expertise to support your personal journey or gather groups, I do this as an embodiment specialist with expertise in therapeutic and contemplative practices. If you’re ready to reconnect body-heart-mind with movement and breath, I can help with that.